Josie Gregory The Learning House Ltd      

“You are simply one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. Thank you for all you do in the world”.

“I will always value your courage, intellect, warmth, challenge, individual thinking and kindness. I take it with me often”.
Change consultant

“Josie, as a role model you are outstanding and a joy. This alone has made an enormous contribution to my life. But in addition I have you to thank for helping me resolve the battle with my ghosts and demons. An act for which I will be forever grateful”.
Mike – Change Consultant & Coach

“Josie – I very much appreciate you sharing the depth of your experiences, wisdom and inspiration. Your mixture of spiritual aspiration and earthy realism remains in my memory – thank you for everything!”.
Vic - Organisational Consultant and Coach
  “Josie, (the programme) changed my life and you were an enormously wise guiding presence throughout that time. I have always been a bit of a dreamer, rather stuck in my head with my big ideas. I confess that your living exemplification of what it really takes to make a difference, initially brought me down to earth with a bump! Ultimately however, it has left me with a hugely enriched sense of my potentialities – enough for this and maybe several more lifetimes. I cannot begin to thank you enough!”.
Organisational Consultant

“Thank you for the gentleness, beauty, grace and intelligence you have brought to me, to academia and to the world”.
CEO of Leadership Centre

“Thanks for your thoughtfulness and care at a time of massive transition for me as I changed career. The sensitivity I now have around my facilitation and coaching has much to do with the individual work you introduced me to”.
Organisational Consultant

“Words cannot express the positive impact you have on my life. I am very grateful to know you”.
HR Director in International Organisation