Josie Gregory The Learning House Ltd      
Executive and Life Coaching

My PhD research explored the challenges of interpersonal relations at work.

My work and training programmes offered over 25 years have given me vast experiences, deep insights and models of how people develop their capacities for managing themselves and their relationships, whether these are about power dynamics, influencing, strategies for change, leadership skills development and many other facets of organisational interpersonal dynamics.

Key skills for effective change are:

The development of a different type of perception, one that is multi-layered, that works with different levels of consciousness.

Ability to read the organisational culture and interpersonal dynamics with such acuity that you see events and issues coming towards you as they are just forming, so allowing you to influence the shape and manifestation of events.

Foresight makes for shape-makers who sit on the edges of the uncreated helping them form – the formless leader or deep consciousness leader is born. Coaching into this dynamic will form the leadership skills of tomorrow.