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From the Centre for Spiritual Development and Facilitation:
Director: Josie Gregory PhD

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The Centre for Spiritual Development and Facilitation (CSDF) now offers opportunities for interested people to explore what it means to be spiritual beings having a human experience.

Consciousness-Work is based on the premise that we can work to be more fully spiritual, working with higher consciousness states that we can express in our everyday life, work and leisure.

The two attributes or dynamics of Consciousness: Intention and Attention will be worked with to understand their potency and power to liberate the person from the restrictions of learned behaviour we call the personality. The intention of these explorations is to maximise all the faculties contained in our human nature.

The main themes we offer are:

The psychology of being human from different traditions

Transformative learning fostering emotional and spiritual intelligence;

Consciousness-Work. Using our lived experiences and working fully within our energy streams; working in the imaginal dimension of reality to fully engage with our intuitive faculties including Presence.


The CSDF will offer workshops on facilitation skills for those who would like to offer spiritual explorations and Consciousness-Work to their clients. Facilitation Skills training can be to work with individuals, groups and organisations / communities.

Facilitating spiritual development: training in methods and practices of spiritual development; understanding and appreciation of the concept of spiritual journeys within major faiths / spiritual traditions; issues of ethics and the politics of change.
Spirituality in the workplace and society: application of spiritual approaches in work environments and professional practices; social action; values and virtues in society, social and corporate responsibility and ethics.

The CSDF aims to create a learning environment enabling open dialogue for the appropriate expression and exploration of spiritual beliefs and practices in a way that is inclusive, non-sectarian and enriching for all.

The learning philosophy honours the primacy of personal experiences on which can be added theories and conceptual maps to understand different spiritual paths and practices. Individual and group explorations will form the bedrock during the workshops.

Workshops on Spirited Leadership and Presence.

Retreats – 2 to 5 day retreats, exploring personal and spiritual development.

Spiritual development, meditation, consciousness studies and exploring other ways of knowing that will foster a different type of challenge to living and working.

" Josie worked for nearly 20 years as a member and Director of the Human Potential Research Group at the University of Surrey 1990 -2005. Facilitator and rotating Programme Director on the MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies and Director of the Postgraduate Certificate in Spiritual Development and Facilitation. She also teaches on the MA/MSc in Psychological Coaching at Metanoia Institute – London and is an Associate of Ashridge Consulting teaching on the Professional Doctorate in Organisational Change. Ashridge Business School."

"Josie is a psychology graduate with postgraduate professional training and qualifications in Humanistic Psychology and Group Facilitation (IDHP; University of Surrey 1988); Awarded a PhD in Interpersonal Relations in Work Environments (University of Surrey 1994); Postgraduate qualifications in Adult Education (University of Surrey-1986); Postgraduate Training in Psychotherapy (UKCP registered); Three years Doctoral studies into the Concept of the Self in Spiritual Development (University of Kent in Canterbury 2002); Consciousness studies (Independent studies and private research –on-going); and previous to all the above, various clinical and other qualifications in Nursing, Midwifery and NHS teaching."